Festival Lantern companies do six things before resuming work

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At this special moment, Festival Lantern has sorted out six things to do before resuming work, and protect yourself and others. This is a battle not to meet, we also have to advance and retreat, let us Straight cut theme:

1.Safety first principle

Plan the principle of safety first, strive for Festival Lantern enterprises to survive, and ensure the safety of employees is the bottom line. At special moments, we should not start work blindly or fortunately, and strictly prevent the quarantine of the entire plant and enterprise from being caused by the infection of one person.

The wind is not in China, and the showers are not all day long. All suffering will pass. Stayed in the mountains, no worries, no firewood. People are huge wealth. The person in charge of Festival Lantern must ensure absolute security. Business can wait and see.

2. Establish an emergency department

The first person to lead the establishment of the department responsible for facing the epidemic, with the person in charge as the team leader, so that there is a person in charge, a plan, and a person in charge; planning strict rules, procedures and guidelines for protective use; improving the awareness of participation of all employees Festival Lantern employees, consumers, distributors, local governments, etc. maintain communication, communicate up and down, plan plans and methods to face the epidemic, integrate and implement resources, and follow up in place.

3. Inventory the family and form a budget

Fully evaluate the existing money, inventory and expenditures, make a good plan, and plan emergency financial regulations. But at the same time, we must seek opportunities in times of crisis, make good efforts, improve the regulations for normal operation and management, organize the business structure, and prepare for the start of construction.

The key is to gather resources to retain effective key business and actively do subtraction. Fewer non-mainstream value businesses, less long-term investment, and less business that does not generate cash flow.

4. Form emergency communication mechanism and maintain adequate communication both inside and outside

Establish a communication mechanism at special moments, maintain a normal communication mechanism with employees, consumers, and dealers. You can use tools such as WeChat and Nail to communicate timely on important matters of the Festival Lantern enterprise, especially employees, to ensure 24-hour standby If abnormal conditions arise, the emergency department should make a solution in a timely manner.

5. Employees care, stabilize the team, and attract talents

After the epidemic situation may cause employees' thoughts and emotions to fluctuate, especially foreign employees may be reluctant to return to work, and some employees may be laid off due to the closure of Festival Lantern. At this time, Festival Lantern enterprises must attach great importance to talents and cultivate talents.

At the critical moment, the stability of key employees and the responsibility of management will become the competitive advantages of Festival Lantern. Therefore, at special moments, Festival Lantern companies do a good job of human concern, which can enhance the cohesion of the enterprise, so that it can be transformed into productivity and give back to the enterprise.

6. Establish a flexible operating mechanism

Flexible production regulations are popular, and small batches and multiple batches can reduce inventory and financial costs for Festival Lantern companies. However, I don't think that the concept of operation of Festival Lantern's elasticity has yet reached consensus. Enterprises only accept increase, seek quickness and enlargement, do not accept strategic contraction, and do not accept the normalization of strategic losses. The epidemic will force Festival Lantern companies to think about how to maintain survival and social development in the case of reduced sales. In other words, the Festival Lantern company has the opportunity to become the final winner only after it has stood up to the ground. Resilient operation, Festival Lantern enterprises can guarantee to survive in case of huge situations and accidents in the face of uncontrollable objective factors.

Our Festival Lantern enterprise has begun to resume work in full. Before returning to work, we must do a good job of comprehensive protection and maintain the health of employees. In order to restore the lively scene as soon as possible, the Festival Lantern company reminds friends who have resumed work to also take care of themselves, because victory belongs to the last person.

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