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One of the focuses of the efficient Animatronic Dinosaur enterprise is the execution in place, which requires the various systems and departments of the Animatronic Dinosaur enterprise to do their responsibilities and play their part.
I put the data system first. No matter how small Animatronic Dinosaur enterprise should do control through data. Data plays a role in control, early warning and quantification, and reminds Animatronic Dinosaur companies not to only look at the results to do things, but to grasp the process, which is critical.
I put the training on the second point. Many entrepreneurs have not stayed in large companies, but have money but do not understand how to recruit senior executives. Excellent talent will always be attracted to better talent. Entrepreneurs/CEOs must enhance training and constantly improve themselves in order to attract more outstanding talents.
The third important point is operation. Operation is responsible for giving opinions and is the key brain of an Animatronic Dinosaur company on the business side. The rules, procedures, methods of play and related incentives of the relevant business must be formulated by the operating department.
The fourth is product promotion, which is a key source for Animatronic Dinosaur corporate customers, and will continue to provide sales tools;
The fifth is the political commissar system, responsible for marking people;
The sixth is the quality control system, which is responsible for keeping an eye on things;
The seventh is the customer service system, which is responsible for staring at customers.
How to make these Animatronic Dinosaur companies implement in place is the focus. This involves business management. There are several golden rules for business management, one of which is performance = volume x conversion rate x attitude. If it is embodied in a coordinate system, the skill is the ordinate, and the visit amount is the abscissa, forming a three-dimensional funnel. Every 100 customers visit, guaranteed a deal can be sold, this is our standard of weighing performance.
With the improvement of skills, the precipitation is also improved, and more and more things will be missed, and the performance will be better and better. In this process, attitude is critical. With a good attitude and courage, Animatronic Dinosaur has high morale and usually has better performance. Therefore, Animatronic Dinosaur enterprises only need to pay attention to three matters: focus on diligence, focus on training, and focus on attitude.
Animatronic Dinosaur corporate
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